Book Review.

chapter 7:
SKALI has begin to build own portal but it doesn't enough experience in cms(content managemen system).Then, SKALI was concenate with MDA that is ivan hoo is a programmer's leader.SKALI take 40% share and MDA take 60% share holding in this joining is a first project for SKALI and it was a new era begin for neofission on 1999. Then SKALI was join e-transfer with camtech asia and we are start focus to other client year 2000, a contract with ALTAVISTA was finished and we are never continued our liciene with ALTAVISTA after that. Then SKALI was focus more to open source system and using php coding.usng open source system can save more budget around rm15 million and goverment was intersted with us and give some project to us to handle it.


in year 2000, neofission have make improvement to TRINITI NETWORK, that is tourism agency. After that, we a have a high profile project which is to develop a new website for OIC NETWORK. Then we have a new project which is to develop EPF web portal with contract about rm3 million but we don't have confident to develop this webportal because we don't have many experience in this.but we have a friend that always told us to take a serious in this project, and finally we have done this project. Then, we have a risk that we don't have enough money to handel this project and finally , Malaysian Debt Ventures(MDV) was help us to give a loan to us for handle this project. Actually, it was easier to have project but it more harded to handle a project.

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Anonymous said...

SKALI Sucks, only know how to cheat their staff which are mostly new people in IT field, mark my word, they will be going to pay for this, someday (or in hell).

ghimau said...

Selamat berpuasa..

Gua dah mula update blog balik.. rajin2 la ziarah :)

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