naruto.....????? u know about naruto? i’m sure someone of u are anime fans right? ok la...let me tell u who is naruto n what it is....:). Naruto is a mangga from japan n was created by Mashashi kishimoto. Uzumaki Naruto who is a main character in this mangga and a hyperactive boy.

This story was begin when a deamon fox had attack naruto’s village and make thier parents died. From that tragerdy, naruto grow up without parents and always lonely. when he was growing up, he meet more friends to teach him how make a life more happinest. in academy was divide into 7 group, and naruto was group with sasuke and sakura. sasuke is the best student in that academy ninja, so thats why naruto always training hard to challenge sasuke . naruto is in group 7 and his teacher is kakashi who is one of the elite ninja in thier village. Naruto always hope that he can be a hokage one day. hokage it’s mean a leader in the village.He is upgraded to an official ninja where he begins his journey to become hokage, Throughout the series, Naruto faces many challenges including battling people who are after the demon fox that is sealed inside his body who is orochimaru. Then this mangga still continued until now. so don’t miss to read the naruto mangga. have fun...:)

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paper[mint] said...

especially naruto shiipuden ni.klo donlod yg latest tu..share2 la ek~~(*_^)

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