Book Review.

chapter 7:
SKALI has begin to build own portal but it doesn't enough experience in cms(content managemen system).Then, SKALI was concenate with MDA that is ivan hoo is a programmer's leader.SKALI take 40% share and MDA take 60% share holding in this joining is a first project for SKALI and it was a new era begin for neofission on 1999. Then SKALI was join e-transfer with camtech asia and we are start focus to other client year 2000, a contract with ALTAVISTA was finished and we are never continued our liciene with ALTAVISTA after that. Then SKALI was focus more to open source system and using php coding.usng open source system can save more budget around rm15 million and goverment was intersted with us and give some project to us to handle it.

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AKATSUKI are coming back!!!!!!!!!

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naruto.....????? u know about naruto? i’m sure someone of u are anime fans right? ok la...let me tell u who is naruto n what it is....:). Naruto is a mangga from japan n was created by Mashashi kishimoto. Uzumaki Naruto who is a main character in this mangga and a hyperactive boy.

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malaysian favourite foods....

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Terengganu Traditional Foods......

Assalamualaikum to all my friend. how r u today? i would like to talk about traditional food. In terengganu it has more traditional food and the famous one is nasi dagang. all the foreign tourism must try this food when they r coming to terengganu.

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new era begins....

Assalamualaikum again to all my lets continued our discussion about the car. Now i would like to discuss about a new Malaysian Vehicle, thats mean a new era for Proton saga. Ok, lets talk more about this car. I think this new Proton Saga is a nice car because it was upgrade from the old version of proton saga.

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Super Car

Assalamualaikum to all,and hopefully u r fine today.Today i would like to discuss about the Car. firstly, i wanna ask u, what is your favourite car? did u know about nissan 350z, the famous car in the world now.

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welcome 2 all

assalamualaikum to all my friend..firstly, thanks for visit my blog. This is my first time to create a blog. by the way, u can call me paiz. I will put everthing in this blog n i hope u can leave a comment.

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