Terengganu Traditional Foods......

Assalamualaikum to all my friend. how r u today? hhmm....today i would like to talk about traditional food. In terengganu it has more traditional food and the famous one is nasi dagang. all the foreign tourism must try this food when they r coming to terengganu.

nasi dagang was make by a rice that we call a “beras pulut” and it was mixed with some coconut oil or we call a “santan”.The best nasi dagang in terengganu is located at chendering. usually, it was eat at the evening or breakfast.There’s another one famous food in terengganu which is keropok lekor . Keropok lekor also famous in malaysia and everyone will like it. keropok lekor was make by mixed fish and “kanji” and boild it up. usually it was eat at the evening with some “mee goreng”. keropok lekor also can be fried or boild. but now, terengganu goverment has comercial this traditional food , they have do some improvement like T’dagang and T’lekor . If u are coming again to kuala terengganu, don’t forget to try nasi dagang and keropok lekor because it is the famous and best traditional food in terengganu. So that all for today, and i will discuss about the best place in terengganu someday...so..wait until the next posting...tq. :)

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