AKATSUKI are coming back!!!!!!!!!

holla..holaa...hollaaaaa....did u know about “AKATSUKI”?, somebody have know about it and somebody never know about it. Akatsuki, at any given point in time, is composed of no more than ten primary members. All of AKATSUKI members have betrayed their villages they grew up in and are the most wanted and dangerous individuals in the series.

Members of Akatsuki usually work in teams of two. Teams are built to complement each other's abilities and talents to create a formidable duo. Members whose partners have died also operate by themselves until a replacement can be found. At the very least, members maintain a functioning working relationship with their partner, with some form of loyalty to one another being present in most cases. In other instances a member will only work with their teammate so long as it furthers Akatsuki's goals, with all other matters being a source of dispute between the two. In general, Akatsuki members are unconcerned with the fate of their other comrades, their only point of interest concerning someone's death being who was strong enough to kill them.

Akatsuki is a widespread organization, with its members constantly traveling between countries and its agents operating out of various villages throughout the Naruto world. Their meetings are much more frequent in the second part of the series due to their increased activity.

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