new era begins....

Assalamualaikum again to all my lets continued our discussion about the car. Now i would like to discuss about a new Malaysian Vehicle, thats mean a new era for Proton saga. Ok, lets talk more about this car. I think this new Proton Saga is a nice car because it was upgrade from the old version of proton saga.

A new proton saga has a nice interior and it’s come with a new technology like power steering, vcd changer, and not forget about safety that is air bags. This SAGA is built for the people.This new SAGA use the CamPro 1.3 is enchanced with a new air intake manegement system. This car has 7 desirable colors which is “mountain blue”, “Metallic Black”,”Zircon Green”,”Solid White”,”Granite Grey”,”Chili Red” and “Genetic Silver”. I think the “Chili Red “ color is more beautiful.The SAGA’s cabin is designed to be quieter and smoother. So u can enjoy the music better. Meet the Proton SAGA. It is made for your every journey, Elegant design, fuel-saving next generation engine, and many more innovative feature make it the best in its class and it is also like the very first edition. U can go to the nearly Proton Edar to see the new SAGA autoshow. For more information, u can go to their website , So enjoy it. :)

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eMMa said...

yea kereta ni cam best. btul chilli red plg cantik.

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